Категория verb.communication

utter speech soundsphonate; vocalise; vocalize;
speak or recite rapidly or in a rolling voicetroll;
make a request for somethingorder;
make a new request to be supplied withreorder;
to arrange forplace;
issue an orderordain;
decree or determine beforehandpredestine;
decree or ordainwill;
decree or designate beforehanddesignate; destine; doom; fate;
give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authorityenjoin; order; say; tell;
issue commands or orders fordictate; order; prescribe;
impose urgently, importunately, or inexorablyforce; thrust;
begin to speak or saybegin;
thrust oneself in as if by forceintrude; obtrude;
impose or inflict forcefullyclamp;
saddle with something disagreeable or disadvantageousstick; sting;
impose something unpleasantbring down; impose; inflict; visit;
inflict as a punishmentgive;
grant a leave tofurlough;
allow to have or takegive;