Категория verb.competition

play the quarterbackquarterback;
run with the stickcradle;
have a turn; make one's move in a gamego; move;
deceive an opponent by a bold bet on an inferior hand with the result that the opponent withdraws a winning handbluff; bluff out;
subject to a stalematestalemate;
move the king two squares toward a rook and in the same move the rook to the square next past the kingcastle;
put the ball into playserve;
serve an ace against (someone)ace;
make the opening moveopen;
choose at randomcast; draw;
play a trumpruff; trump;
play a trump higher than (one previously played) to the trickovertrump;
trump alternately in two handscrossruff;
lose the leadexit;
oppose, as in hostility or a competitionconfront; face;
confront bodilybreast; front;
face a difficulty and grapple with it without avoiding ittake the bull by the horns;
contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battleencounter; meet; play; take on;
employ in a game or in a specific positionplay;
use or moveplay;