Категория adj.pert

of or resembling alabasteralabaster; alabastrine;
relating to or characteristic of the state or people of Alaskaalaskan;
of or relating to Albigenses or Albigensianismalbigensian;
of or relating to Albania or its people or language or culturealbanian;
of or pertaining to or affected by albinismalbinal; albinic; albinistic; albinotic;
of or related to albite feldsparalbitic;
relating to or containing or resembling albuminalbuminous;
of or related to the state of albuminuriaalbuminuric;
related to or concerned with alchemyalchemic; alchemical;
of or relating to alchemistsalchemistic; alchemistical;
of or related to or containing aldehydesaldehydic;
of or related to aleuronealeuronic;
of or resembling algaealgoid;
of or relating to algolagniaalgolagnic;
of or related to algometryalgometric; algometrical;
of or relating to an Algonquian tribe or its people or languagealgonkian; algonquian; algonquin;
related to the supply of alimentalimentative;
of or pertaining to the alkahest that alchemists assumed to existalkahestic;
pertaining to or consisting of alkaloidsalkaloidal;
marked by alkalosis (or a tendency toward alkalosis)alkalotic;