Категория noun.object

значение синонимы
a broad bay formed by an indentation in the shoreline bight;
a broad indentation of the Gulf of Guinea in western Africa bight of benin;
a river that rises in northeastern South Dakota and flows southward to join the Missouri River at Sioux City, Iowa big sioux river;
a branch of a river made by water flowing from the main stream only when the water level is high billabong;
a stagnant pool of water in the bed of a stream that flows intermittently billabong;
a system of two stars that revolve around each other under their mutual gravitation binary; binary star; double star;
any bacterium or virus or toxin that could be used in biological warfare biohazard; biological agent;
nest where birds lay their eggs and hatch their young bird's nest; bird nest; birdnest;
a narrow bay formed by an inlet from the Atlantic Ocean in southeastern Florida biscayne bay;
an arm of the South Pacific to the southwest of the Bismarck Archipelago bismarck sea;
a small fragment of something broken off from the whole bit; chip; flake; fleck; scrap;
a hypothetical object capable of absorbing all the electromagnetic radiation falling on it black body; blackbody; full radiator;
a hilly forest region in southwestern Germany black forest; schwarzwald;
mountains in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming; sacred to the Sioux (whites settling in the Black Hills led to the Battle of Little Bighorn); site of Mount Rushmore black hills;
a region of space resulting from the collapse of a star; extremely high gravitational field black hole;
a sea between Europe and Asia; a popular resort area of eastern Europeans black sea; euxine sea;
a calculus formed in the bladder bladder stone; cystolith;
something long and thin resembling a blade of grass blade;
anything that covers blanket; mantle;
a mechanism that creates a barrier between brain tissues and circulating blood; serves to protect the central nervous system blood-brain barrier;