Категория noun.phenomenon

значение синонимы
a slight wind (usually refreshing) air; breeze; gentle wind; zephyr;
a cooling breeze from the sea (during the daytime) sea breeze;
a slight movement of the air breath;
wind moving 1-3 knots; 1 on the Beaufort scale light air;
wind moving 4-7 knots; 2 on the Beaufort scale light breeze;
wind moving 8-12 knots; 3 on the Beaufort scale gentle breeze;
wind moving 13-18 knots; 4 on the Beaufort scale moderate breeze;
a natural phenomenon involving the structure or composition of the earth geological phenomenon;
all phenomena that are not artificial natural phenomenon;
the phenomenon of a person or thing rising into the air by apparently supernatural means levitation;
after death the soul begins a new cycle of existence in another human body metempsychosis; rebirth;
any natural phenomenon involving chemistry (as changes to atoms or molecules) chemical phenomenon;
the phenomenon of an element existing in two or more physical forms allotropism; allotropy;
chemical process in which one atom or ion or group changes places with another exchange;
change in the electrical conductivity of a substance as a result of absorbing electromagnetic radiation photoconduction; photoconductivity;
the disappearance of electrical resistance at very low temperatures superconductivity;
an exchange produced by the chemical action of radiant energy (especially light) photochemical exchange;
an emission of photoelectrons (especially from a metallic surface) photoemission;
the formation of crystals crystallisation; crystallization; crystallizing;
a powdery deposit on a surface bloom; efflorescence;