Категория noun.phenomenon

(politics) the consequence of one popular candidate in an election drawing votes for other members of the same political partycoattails effect;
(physics) an effect whereby a body moving in a rotating frame of reference experiences the Coriolis force acting perpendicular to the direction of motion and to the axis of rotation; on Earth the Coriolis effect deflects moving bodies to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemispherecoriolis effect;
an appreciable consequence (especially a lessening)dent;
the organic phenomenon in which one of a pair of alleles present in a genotype is expressed in the phenotype and the other allele of the pair is notdominance;
the consequence of one event setting off a chain of similar events (like a falling domino causing a whole row of upended dominos to fall)domino effect;
the consequence of an effort or activityharvest;
a forceful consequence; a strong effectimpact; wallop;
the effect of one thing (or person) on anotherinfluence;
(physics) a secondary influence on a system that causes it to deviate slightlyperturbation;
(astronomy) any perturbation of the mean motion or orbit of a planet or satellite (especially a perturbation of the earth's moon)variation;
a means of exerting influence or gaining advantagepurchase;
a tendency or force that influences eventswind;
a secondary or incidental effectknock-on effect;
a natural consequence of developmentbranch; offset; offshoot; outgrowth;
a consequence of someone's efforts or of a particular set of circumstancesproduct;
any effect that seems to be a consequence of administering a placebo; the change is usually beneficial and is assumed result from the person's faith in the treatment or preconceptions about what the experimental drug was supposed to do; pharmacologists were the first to talk about placebo effects but now the idea has been generalized to many situations having nothing to do with drugsplacebo effect;
(genetics) the effect on the expression of a gene that is produced by changing its location in a chromosomeposition effect;
a remote or indirect consequence of some actionrepercussion; reverberation;
a resultresponse;
a response that reveals a person's feelings or attitudereaction;