Категория noun.phenomenon

the blood pressure (as measured by a sphygmomanometer) during the contraction of the left ventricle of the heartsystolic pressure;
the blood pressure (as measured by a sphygmomanometer) after the contraction of the heart while the chambers of the heart refill with blooddiastolic pressure;
the pressure of the circulating blood on the arteriesarterial pressure;
the pressure exerted on the walls of the veins by the circulating bloodvenous pressure;
the layer of slower flow of a fluid past a surfaceboundary layer;
(neurophysiology) rapid fluctuations of voltage between parts of the cerebral cortex that are detectable with an electroencephalographbrain wave; brainwave; cortical potential;
wind moving at less than 1 knot; 0 on the Beaufort scalecalm; calm air;
a slight wind (usually refreshing)air; breeze; gentle wind; zephyr;
a cooling breeze from the sea (during the daytime)sea breeze;
a slight movement of the airbreath;
wind moving 1-3 knots; 1 on the Beaufort scalelight air;
wind moving 4-7 knots; 2 on the Beaufort scalelight breeze;
wind moving 8-12 knots; 3 on the Beaufort scalegentle breeze;
wind moving 13-18 knots; 4 on the Beaufort scalemoderate breeze;
wind moving 19-24 knots; 5 on the Beaufort scalefresh breeze;
wind moving 25-31 knots; 6 on the Beaufort scalestrong breeze;
the random motion of small particles suspended in a gas or liquidbrownian motion; brownian movement; pedesis;
discharge between electrodes creating visible streamers of ionized particlesbrush discharge;
the light provided by a burning candlecandle flame; candlelight;
an electrical phenomenon whereby an electric charge is storedcapacitance; capacity; electrical capacity;