Категория adv.all

in a stealthy mannerstealthily;
without imaginationunimaginatively;
in a wary mannerwarily;
without heed or cautionunwarily;
in bodily formbodily;
twice a yearbiyearly; semiannually;
in a gallant mannerchivalrously; gallantly;
in a churlish mannerchurlishly; surlily;
in a circular mannercircularly;
in a clannish mannerclannishly; cliquishly;
in a congenial mannercongenially;
in a contagious mannercontagiously; infectiously;
involving controversycontroversially; polemically;
in a disturbing mannerdisturbingly;
as a matter of doctrinedoctrinally;
in a fashionable mannerfashionably;
in a prudent mannerprovidentially; prudently;
in an imprudent mannerimprudently;
to an extreme degreescreamingly;