Категория noun.plant

specialized leaf branch in certain aquatic ferns that encloses the sori or clusters of sporangiaspore case; sporocarp;
a small leafy outgrowth at the base of a leaf or its stalk; usually occurring in pairs and soon shedstipule;
an undifferentiated part of a perianth that cannot be distinguished as a sepal or a petal (as in lilies and tulips)tepal;
seed plants; comprises the Angiospermae (or Magnoliophyta) and Gymnospermae (or Gymnospermophyta); in some classification systems Spermatophyta is coordinate with Pteridophyta (spore producing plants having vascular tissue and roots) and Bryophyta (spore producing plants lacking vascular tissue and roots)division spermatophyta; spermatophyta;
in former classification systems: one of two major plant divisions, including all seed-bearing plants; superseded by the division Spermatophytaphanerogamae;
in former classification systems: one of two major plant divisions, including all plants that do not bear seeds: ferns, mosses, algae, fungicryptogamia;
formerly recognized taxonomic group including all flowerless and seedless plants that reproduce by means of spores: ferns, mosses, algae, fungicryptogam;
plant that reproduces by means of seeds not sporesphanerogam; seed plant; spermatophyte;
young plant or tree grown from a seedseedling;
any seed plant yielding balsambalsam;
(botany) a plant that completes its entire life cycle within the space of a yearannual;
(botany) a plant having a life cycle that normally takes two seasons from germination to death to complete; flowering biennials usually bloom and fruit in the second seasonbiennial;
(botany) a plant lasting for three seasons or moreperennial;
a plant originally cultivated but now growing wildescape;
a plant that grows in a moist habitathygrophyte;
a plant that is found in an area where it had not been recorded previouslyneophyte;
a family of gymnospermsgymnosperm family;
a genus of gymnospermsgymnosperm genus;
family of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seedliliopsid family; monocot family;
family of monocotyledonous plants of the subclass Liliidae; mostly herbs usually with petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistilsliliid monocot family;