Категория noun.possession

property or income owned by a churchchurch property; spirituality; spiritualty;
the worldly possessions of a churchtemporality; temporalty;
an endowed church office giving income to its holderbenefice; ecclesiastical benefice;
a benefice to which no spiritual or pastoral duties are attachedsinecure;
property that is leased or rented out or letlease; letting; rental;
a rented carcar rental; hire car; rent-a-car; self-drive; u-drive; you-drive;
an item of property that is given in part payment for a new onetrade-in;
a lease from one lessee to anothersublease; sublet;
property owned by a governmentpublic property;
land or property held under a leaseleasehold;
a piece of land under 50 acres that is sold or let to someone for cultivationsmallholding;
land acquired from the United States public lands by filing a record and living on and cultivating it under the homestead lawhomestead;
the buildings and adjacent grounds of a farmfarmstead;
the home and adjacent grounds occupied by a familyhomestead;
land that is unowned and uninhabited (and usually undesirable)no man's land;
a piece of land held under the feudal systemfeoff; fief;
the land on which real estate is locatedland;
real property held inalienably (as by an ecclesiastical corporation)dead hand; mortmain;
property that has economic utility: a monetary value or an exchange valuewealth;
wealth reckoned in terms of moneymoney;