Категория verb.body

be at restrest;
be in a state of actionbe active; move;
be asleepcatch some z's; kip; log z's; sleep; slumber;
sleep fully clothed in the same bed with one's betrothedbundle; practice bundling;
sleep lightly or for a short period of timedoze; drowse; snooze;
take a siestacatch a wink; catnap; nap;
sleep longer than intendedoversleep;
sleep later than usual or customarysleep in; sleep late;
sleep during winterhibernate; hole up;
sleep during summeraestivate; estivate;
be on the verge of sleepingdrowse;
be almost asleepnod;
let the head fall forward through drowsinessnod;
fall asleep fast, as when one is extremely tiredzonk out;
breathe noisily during one's sleepsaw logs; saw wood; snore;
change from a waking to a sleeping statedope off; doze off; drift off; drop off; drowse off; fall asleep; flake out; nod off;
go to bedbed down; bunk down;
sleep in a convenient placecrash; doss; doss down;
prepare for sleepbed; crawl in; go to bed; go to sleep; hit the hay; hit the sack; kip down; retire; sack out; turn in;
get up and out of bedarise; get up; rise; turn out; uprise;