Категория verb.body

cause to riseget up;
stop sleepingarouse; awake; awaken; come alive; wake; wake up; waken;
cause to become awake or consciousarouse; awaken; rouse; wake; wake up; waken;
awaken once againreawaken;
make fall asleepcause to sleep;
act physically on; have an effect uponaffect;
begin to injureattack;
affect with an ulcerulcerate;
be awake, be alert, be therewake;
not go to bedsit up; stay up;
prevent from going to bed at nightkeep up;
induce hypnosis inhypnotise; hypnotize; mesmerise; mesmerize;
put into a tranceentrance; spellbind;
administer an anesthetic drug toanaesthetise; anaesthetize; anesthetise; anesthetize; put out; put under;
anesthetize with etheretherise; etherize;
anesthetize with cocainecocainise; cocainize;
anesthetize with chloroformchloroform;
anesthetize by coldfreeze;
return to consciousnessbring around; bring back; bring round; bring to;
cause to be calm or quiet as by administering a sedative tocalm; sedate; tranquilize; tranquillise; tranquillize;