Категория verb.change

значение синонимы
burn with great heat and intense light deflagrate;
convert (an amine) into a diazo compound diazotize;
convert (plant material) into hay hay;
convert into wood or cause to become woody lignify;
transform (a metal) into an ore mineralize;
convert into a mineral substance mineralize;
convert (oxygen) into ozone ozonise; ozonize;
convert into slag slag;
convert into a sulfate sulfate;
convert into cutin cutinize;
change into a duplex duplex;
give erotic character to or make more interesting eroticize; sex up;
become sticky gum;
bring into alignment with piggyback;
block the action of repress;
(of a company) reduce in size or number of employees downsize;
design or manufacture in a smaller size downsize;
take off or away subtract;
become deformed by forces tending to produce a shearing strain shear;
modify (software) for use on a different machine or platform port;