Категория verb.change

make into terraces as for cultivationterrace;
shape like a forkfork;
form a constellation or clusterconstellate;
give shape or form toform; shape;
shape or cut with a flat surfacetabulate;
shape or form to required dimensionsdimension;
shape by rollingroll;
flatten, stretch, or mold metal or glass, by rolling or by pulling it through a die or by stretchingdraw;
cause to form (an electric arc) between electrodes of an arc lampstrike;
cause to take on a definite and clear shapecrystalise; crystalize; crystallise; crystallize;
form into twiststwist;
rise to, or form, a summitculminate;
form into grainsgrain; granulate;
form into sliverssliver;
form into a ridgeridge;
form a plumeplume;
assume a globular shapeconglobate; conglobe;
assume a form or shapeform;
make roundround; round off; round out;
shape or cut in scallopsscallop; scollop;