Категория verb.cognition

run beyond or pastoverrun;
attribute or credit toascribe; assign; attribute; impute;
get the meaning of somethingapprehend; compass; comprehend; dig; get the picture; grasp; grok; savvy;
to try to avoid detection especially by policelie low;
know and comprehend the nature or meaning ofunderstand;
become aware of not through the senses but instinctivelysense; smell; smell out;
grasp the meaningfollow;
grasp with the mind or develop an understanding ofcatch; get;
understand, usually after some initial difficultycatch on; cotton on; get it; get onto; get wise; latch on; tumble; twig;
know or grasp by intuition or feelingintuit;
arrange and integrate in the minddigest;
perceive (an idea or situation) mentallyrealise; realize; see; understand;
become conscious ofperceive;
become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotionsclick; come home; dawn; fall into place; get across; get through; penetrate; sink in;
be received or understoodcome across; resonate;
create an emotional responsestrike a chord;
be fully aware of; realize fullyappreciate; take account;