Категория verb.communication

значение синонимы
call attention to advertise; advertize; publicise; publicize;
to talk foolishly babble; blather; blether; blither; smatter;
reach agreement on conclude;
transmit thoughts or feelings communicate; intercommunicate;
talk profusely gab; yak;
communicate by means of specific gestures, as an alternative to sign language finger-spell; fingerspell;
speak or write in aphorisms aphorise; aphorize;
speak in riddles riddle;
minimize the importance of, brush aside shrug off;
transmit information communicate; pass; pass along; pass on; put across;
give or constitute a signal, not necessarily verbally send a message;
pass along relay;
communicate vividly project;
be in or establish communication with contact; get hold of; get through; reach;
send a message from one computer to another to check whether it is reachable and active ping;
contact, usually in order to remind of something ping;
establish radio communications with raise;
change from a simple vowel to a diphthong diphthongise; diphthongize;
undergo breaking break;
attempt to communicate reach out;