Категория verb.communication

значение синонимы
command as a general general;
direct or command as an officer officer;
make a request or demand for something to somebody ask;
express the need or desire for ask for; bespeak; call for; quest; request;
ask (a person) to do something request;
make a solicitation or petition for something desired solicit;
order, summon, or request for a specific duty or activity, work, role call;
order or request or give a command for call;
request an encore, from a performer encore;
make a formal request for official services requisition;
contact, as with a pager or by calling somebody's name over a P.A. system page;
write a petition for something to somebody; request formally and in writing petition;
request urgently and forcefully demand;
command solemnly adjure;
request earnestly (something from somebody); ask for aid or protection appeal; invoke;
consider obligatory; request and expect ask; expect; require;
take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs claim; exact; take;
assert or affirm strongly; state to be true or existing claim;
state insincerely pretend; profess;
maintain or assert contend; postulate;