Категория verb.competition

значение синонимы
take revenge for a perceived wrong avenge; retaliate; revenge;
take revenge or even out a score get back; get even;
take vengeance on or get even fix; get; pay back; pay off;
cause to get out retire; strike out;
retire put out;
go on the playing field, of a football team take the field;
play a game in which players hit a wooden ball through a series of hoops croquet;
protect from moths mothproof;
excel or defeat in a game outplay;
catch up with and possibly overtake catch; catch up with; overtake;
deliver forth pump;
station (troops) in a fort fort;
exert oneself to meet a challenge rise;
stake on the outcome of an issue bet; play; wager;
make bets play;
bet more than the previous player raise;
bid (one's partner's suit) at a higher level raise;
match or meet see;
lose a game in which one is serving drop one's serve;