Категория verb.competition

arm in advance of a confrontationforearm;
remove offensive capability fromdemilitarise; demilitarize; disarm;
take away the weapons from; render harmlessdisarm; unarm;
retire from military servicedemob; demobilise; demobilize;
get ready for warmobilise; mobilize;
provide with workersman;
provide with staffstaff;
assign to a stationplace; post; send; station;
station (troops) in a fort or garrisongarrison;
form a teamteam; team up;
attach to, as a journalist to a military unit when reporting on a warembed;
serve as a crew member oncrew;
act as an organized groupgang; gang up;
form a group or group togetheraggroup; group;
join or form a pool of peoplepool;
form or unite into a brigadebrigade;
be engaged in a fight; carry on a fightcontend; fight; struggle;
engage in a conflictjoin battle;
struggle in oppositiontug;
fight against or resist stronglydefend; fight; fight back; fight down; oppose;