Категория verb.competition

show strong objection or repugnance; manifest vigorous opposition or resistance; be obstinately disobedientrecalcitrate;
get one's revenge for a wrong or an injuryget back; settle;
defend oneselffight back;
battle or contend against in or as if in a battlebattle; combat;
engage in an aerial battle with another fighter planedogfight;
combat to overcome an opposing tendency or forcewrestle;
make or wage warwar;
fight a quick and surprising warblitzkrieg;
commence hostilitiesgo to war; take arms; take up arms;
end hostilitiesmake peace;
go on a campaign; go off to warcampaign; take the field;
go on a crusade; fight a holy warcrusade;
run, stand, or compete for an office or a positioncampaign; run;
travel through a district and make political speechesstump;
run again for officererun;
tour the country making political speeches, giving lectures, or presenting playsbarnstorm;
appear at county fairs and carnivals as a stunt flier and parachute jumperbarnstorm;
tour the country in order to solicit votes for an electionwhistlestop;
do duty or hold offices; serve in a specific functionserve;
serve in a specific professional capacitysit;