Категория verb.consumption

eat lightly, try different dishesbrowse; graze;
chew noisilychamp; chomp;
chafe at the bit, like horseschamp;
grind with the gums; chew without teeth and with great difficultygum; mumble;
propose a toast todrink; pledge; salute; toast; wassail;
drink to the last dropdrain the cup; drink up;
eat in a mess hallmess;
provide with choice or abundant food or drinkregale; treat;
treat to winewine;
subject to the influence of alcoholalcoholize;
provide food and lodging (for)board;
lodge and take meals (at)board;
live in the house where one workslive in; sleep in;
work in a house where one does not livelive out; sleep out;
wander and feedforage;
feed greedilyraven;
feed on carrion or refusescavenge;
give fodder (to domesticated animals)fodder;
feed pigsslop; swill;