Категория verb.contact

значение синонимы
clean with a brush brush;
make or form a layer layer;
form a coat over cake; coat;
coat with soot soot;
discharge at a wharf wharf;
place establish; instal; install; set up;
install again reinstall;
rest on for support lean against; lean on; rest on;
be in direct physical contact with; make contact adjoin; contact; meet; touch;
make physical contact with, come in contact with touch;
cause to be in brief contact with touch;
touch with the toe toe;
to hold fast or prevent from moving immobilise; immobilize; pin; trap;
take up by hand pick up;
tamper with disturb; touch;
destroy violate;
intrude on uninvited break in;
form a cover over cover; spread over;
cover with frost frost;
provide with a rough or speckled surface or appearance frost;