Категория verb.contact

be in direct physical contact with; make contactadjoin; contact; meet; touch;
make physical contact with, come in contact withtouch;
cause to be in brief contact withtouch;
touch with the toetoe;
to hold fast or prevent from movingimmobilise; immobilize; pin; trap;
take up by handpick up;
tamper withdisturb; touch;
intrude on uninvitedbreak in;
form a cover overcover; spread over;
cover with frostfrost;
provide with a rough or speckled surface or appearancefrost;
cover with ice or snow or a glacierglaciate;
cover; be dispersed overstrew;
cover with grassgrass; grass over;
affect or afflict suddenly, usually adverselyhit; strike;
produce by manipulating keys or strings of musical instrumentshit; strike;
examine by touchfeel; finger;
feel or handle with the fingersfinger; thumb;
pass one's hands over the sexual organs offeel;