Категория verb.creation

make or cause to be or to becomecreate; make;
make tracks upontrack;
advance or set forth in courtbring; institute;
bring in or establish in a new place or environmentintroduce;
create a short circuit inshort; short-circuit;
create or design, often in a certain waydo; make;
deprive of certain characteristicsundo; unmake;
create anewre-create;
make newmake over; redo; refashion; remake;
do away with, cause the destruction or undoing ofdestroy; destruct;
do away with oneself or itselfself-destroy; self-destruct;
destroy (one's own missile or rocket)destruct;
put an end toend;
interrupt, break, or destroyfracture;
eliminate completely and without a tracesweep away; wipe out;
destroy by firepower, such as an enemy's line of communicationinterdict;
create or manufacture a man-made productcreate; make; produce;
produce synthetically, artificially, or stereotypically and unoriginallyprefabricate;
produce below capacity or demandunderproduce;
to create or manufacture a specific amountoutput;