Категория verb.creation

значение синонимы
give occasion to occasion;
make a blueprint of blueprint; draft; draught;
play on a violin fiddle;
play on an instrument play;
put into print print; publish;
publish again republish;
make or cause to be or to become create; make;
make tracks upon track;
advance or set forth in court bring; institute;
bring in or establish in a new place or environment introduce;
create a short circuit in short; short-circuit;
create or design, often in a certain way do; make;
deprive of certain characteristics undo; unmake;
create anew re-create;
make new make over; redo; refashion; remake;
do away with, cause the destruction or undoing of destroy; destruct;
do away with oneself or itself self-destroy; self-destruct;
destroy (one's own missile or rocket) destruct;
put an end to end;
interrupt, break, or destroy fracture;