Категория verb.emotion

feel bitter or indignant aboutresent;
cause to be bitter or resentfulacerbate; embitter; envenom;
accept or admit unwillinglygrudge;
gnaw into; make resentful or angryeat into; fret; grate; rankle;
bear a grudge; harbor ill feelingsgrudge; stew;
dislike intensely; feel antipathy or aversion towardsdetest; hate;
find repugnantabhor; abominate; execrate; loathe;
look down on with disdaincontemn; despise; disdain; scorn;
have a great affection or liking forlove;
be enamored or in love withlove;
have a love affair withromance;
fall in love with; become infatuated withfall for;
to remain emotionally or intellectually attachedcling;
be fond of; be attached tocare for; cherish; hold dear; treasure;
hold sacredenshrine; saint;
have a fancy or particular liking or desire forfancy; go for; take to;
have or feel a dislike or distaste fordislike;
be fond oflike;
take a liking tocotton;
find enjoyable or agreeablelike;