Категория verb.motion

make a trip for pleasurejaunt; travel; trip;
go on a pleasure tripjunket; junketeer;
move, travel, or proceed toward some placerepair; resort;
go to certain places as for sightseeingtravel to; visit;
visit famous or interesting sightssightsee;
come to see in an official or professional capacityinspect; visit;
visit againrevisit;
be a regular or frequent visitor to a certain placefrequent; haunt;
sail or travel about for pleasure, relaxation, or sightseeingcruise;
travel at a moderate speedcruise;
cruise in slow or routine flightsstooge;
make a tour of a certain placetour;
travel all over the world for pleasure and sightseeingglobe-trot;
give theatrical performances while traveling from town to towntake the road;
undertake a journey or tripjourney; travel;
ride in or travel with a sledgesledge;
travel on water propelled by wind or by other meansnavigate; sail; voyage;
traverse or travel on (a body of water)sail;
travel upon or acrossjourney; travel;
make a long and difficult journeytrek;