Категория verb.motion

move up and downpump;
draw or pour with a pumppump;
pour out of one vessel into anothertransfuse;
convey, draw off, or empty by or as if by a siphonsiphon; siphon off; syphon;
cause or enable to pass throughtransit;
draw through a sluicesluice;
transport in or send down a sluicesluice;
take liquid out of a container or welldraw; take out;
draw (liquor) from a taptap;
remove or draw away by the force of suctionsuction;
draw something in by or as if by a vacuumsuck;
draw off from the leesrack;
lift and reset in another soil or situationtransfer; transplant;
move a light beam over; in electronics, to reproduce an imagescan;
change residence, affiliation, or place of employmentmove;
move into a new house or officemove in;
occupy a placemove in;
move out of one's old house or officemove out;
move out and leave nothing behindclear out;
move out of an unsafe location into safetyevacuate;