Категория noun.act

the evacuation of persons (usually by air transportation) to a place where they can receive medical caremedevac; medical evacuation; medivac;
breaking campdecampment;
withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibilityabandonment; defection; desertion;
the act of running away secretly (as to avoid arrest)abscondment; decampment;
unauthorized military absenceabsence without leave; unauthorized absence;
ideological defection from the party line (especially from orthodox communism)deviationism;
migration from a place (especially migration from your native country in order to settle in another)emigration; expatriation; out-migration;
migration into a place (especially migration to a country of which you are not a native in order to settle there)immigration; in-migration;
(Judaism) immigration of Jews to Israelaliyah;
(military) the act of pulling back (especially an orderly withdrawal of troops)pullback;
(military) withdrawal of troops to a more favorable position to escape the enemy's superior forces or after a defeatretreat;
(military) a temporary stop of offensive military actionstand-down; standdown;
to break off a military action with an enemydisengagement; fallback; pullout;
the act of becoming more distantreceding; recession;
the departure of a vessel from a portsailing;
a military action of coordinated land, sea, and air forces organized for an invasionamphibious landing;
the act of passengers and crew getting off of a ship or aircraftdebarkation; disembarkation; disembarkment;
debarkation from a boat or shipgoing ashore;
the act of passengers and crew getting aboard a ship or aircraftboarding; embarkation; embarkment;
the act of going outexit;