Категория verb.social

pull out from an agreement, contract, statement, etc.resile;
take on duties or officeaccede; enter;
become king or queenascend;
take on titles, offices, duties, responsibilitiesadopt; assume; take on; take over;
assume anewresume;
act in an official capacity in a ceremony or religious ritual, such as a weddingofficiate;
give up or retire from a positionleave office; quit; resign; step down;
give up one's career just as one becomes very successfultop out;
leave school or an educational program prematurelydrop out;
withdraw from established society, especially because of disillusion with conventional valuesdrop out;
remove oneself from an association with or participation indepart; leave; pull up stakes;
assume an office, duty, or titletake office;
put into an office or a positioninstal; install;
place ceremoniously or formally in an office or positioninduct; invest; seat;
admit as a memberinduct;
invite someone to one's houseask over; ask round; invite;
have as a guestinvite; pay for;
lose office or powerfall;
deprive of status or authoritydisinvest; divest;
assign to a post; put into a postpost;