Категория verb.social

govern badlymisgovern;
rule as a dictatordictate;
rule a country as a tyrantgrind down; tyrannise; tyrannize;
have sovereign powerreign;
succeed in doing, achieving, or producing (something) with the limited or inadequate means availablecontend; cope; deal; get by; grapple; make do; make out; manage;
manage in a makeshift way; do with whatever is at handextemporize; improvise;
try to manage without helpfend;
be able to manage or manage successfullycut; hack;
manage one's existence barelyrub along; scrape along; scrape by; scratch along; squeak by; squeeze by;
become friends withbefriend;
become friends; act friendly towardschum up; pal; pal up;
refer to another person for decision or judgmentpass on; relegate; submit;
keep company with; hang out withaffiliate; associate; assort; consort;
exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person; be an advocate foragitate; campaign; crusade; fight; press; push;
have recourse tofall back; recur; resort;
develop a habittake;
settle as a colony; of countries in the developing worldcolonise; colonize;
grant independence to (a former colony)decolonise; decolonize;
have amorous affairs; of menphilander; womanise; womanize;
turn one's interest totake up;