Категория verb.stative

live out one's life; live to the endlive out;
hang on during a trial of endurancelast out; outride; ride out; stay;
surpass in staying poweroutstay;
stay with as a guestvisit;
be reasonable or logical or comprehensibleadd up; make sense;
live longer thanoutlast; outlive; survive;
continue in existence after (an adversity, etc.)come through; make it; pull round; pull through; survive;
die, as in battle or in a huntfall;
be fatally overwhelmedsuccumb; yield;
form or composebe; comprise; constitute; make up; represent;
constitute the essence ofmake;
form the substance ofcompose;
to compose or representconstitute; form; make;
form a chelate, in chemistrychelate;
act as a barrier between; stand betweendivide; separate;
be connectedhang together; interdepend;
be or become joined or united or linkedconnect; join; link; link up; unite;
unite by forming a joint or jointsarticulate;
be interconnected, afford passageintercommunicate;
be interwoven or interconnectedcomplect; interconnect; interlink;