Категория verb.weather

значение синонимы
precipitate as rain rain; rain down;
fall from clouds come down; fall; precipitate;
come down like raindrops spat;
become liquid liquefy;
rain lightly drizzle; mizzle;
rain abundantly shower; shower down;
rain gently patter; pitter-patter; spatter; spit; sprinkle;
rain heavily pelt; pour; rain buckets; rain cats and dogs; stream;
come down as if in sheets sheet;
pour as if from a sluice sluice; sluice down;
become covered with a layer of ice; of a surface such as a window frost over; ice over; ice up;
be very cold, below the freezing point freeze;
fall as snow snow;
precipitate as small ice particles hail;
precipitate as a mixture of rain and snow sleet;
be in flames or aflame flame;
cause to start burning; subject to fire or great heat ignite; light;
set fire to; cause to start burning set ablaze; set afire; set aflame; set on fire;
ignite anew, as of something burning reignite;
put out, as of a candle or a light douse; put out;