Категория adj.ppl

not converted into soapunsaponified;
for which vengeance has been takenavenged;
for which vengeance has not been takenunavenged;
formed or made thin by hammeringbeaten;
marked with or divided into degreescalibrated; graduated;
riding at a gait between a trot and a gallopcantering;
brought together in one placecollected; gathered;
not brought together in one placeuncollected; ungathered;
disputed or made the object of contention or competitioncontested;
not disputed and not made the object of contention or competitionuncontested;
having a corbelcorbelled;
(of time) having passed or slipped byelapsed;
produced by or subjected to forcingforced;
shaped or worked with a hammer and often showing hammer markshammered;
small and light enough to be operated while you hold it in your handshand-held; handheld;
occupied or in the control of; often used in combinationheld;
exuding a bodily fluid in profuse amountsstreaming;
having something on topsurmounted;
of purchase orders that have been filledfilled;
of purchase orders that have not been filledunfilled;