Категория noun.animal

a genus of Soleidaegenus parophrys; parophrys;
popular pale brown food flatfish of the Pacific coast of North Americaenglish sole; lemon sole; parophrys vitulus;
a genus of Soleidaegenus psettichthys; psettichthys;
a common flatfish of the Pacific coast of North Americapsettichthys melanostichus; sand sole;
a genus of Soleidaegenus trinectes; trinectes;
useless as food; in coastal streams from Maine to Texas and Panamahogchoker; trinectes maculatus;
skin that is very thick (as an elephant or rhinoceros)thick skin;
part of an insect's body that bears the wings and legsthorax;
the anterior part of an insect's thorax; bears the first pair of legsprothorax;
one of a series of similar body segments into which some animals are divided longitudinallymetamere; somite;