Категория noun.artifact

something added to enhance food or gasoline or paint or medicineadditive;
a printer that automatically prints addresses on letters for mailingaddressing machine; addressograph;
bandage consisting of a medical dressing of plain absorbent gauze held in place by a plastic or fabric tape coated with adhesiveadhesive bandage;
tape coated with adhesiveadhesive tape;
a nearly horizontal passage from the surface into a mineadit;
a hotel room that shares a wall with another hotel roomadjoining room;
can be changed to different settingsadjustable spanner; adjustable wrench;
an additive that enhances the effectiveness of medical treatmentadjuvant;
an additional ingredient that is added by mixing with the baseadmixture; intermixture;
sun-dried brick; used in hot dry climatesadobe; adobe brick;
a decoration of color or interest that is added to relieve plainnessadornment;
drug that has the effects of epinephrineadrenergic; adrenergic drug;
a sketchy or imperfect or faint representationadumbration;
an edge tool used to cut and shape woodadz; adze;
a harp having strings tuned in unison; they sound when wind passes over themaeolian harp; aeolian lyre; wind harp;
an apparatus for exposing something to the air (as sewage)aerator;
mechanically extendible ladder; used on a fire truckaerial ladder;
a torpedo designed to be launched from an airplaneaerial torpedo;
a dispenser that holds a substance under pressure and that can release it as a fine spray (usually by means of a propellant gas)aerosol; aerosol bomb; aerosol can; aerosol container; spray can;
a trademark for a loosely woven cotton fabric that is used to make shirts and underwearaertex;