Категория noun.attribute

значение синонимы
(Yiddish) excessive sentimentality in art or music schmaltz; schmalz; shmaltz;
a predilection for sentimentality sentimentalism;
the trait of being intensely emotional heat; passion; warmth;
a passionate and quick-tempered nature fieriness;
excessive emotionalism or irritability and excitability (especially when displayed openly) temperament;
having temperamental and changeable moods moodiness;
temperament or disposition blood;
being easily excited excitability; excitableness; volatility;
being highly angry or excited; ready to boil over boiling point;
absence of emotion emotionlessness; unemotionality;
the trait of exhibiting no personal embarrassment or concern blandness;
a lack of affection or enthusiasm chilliness; coldness; coolness; frigidity; frigidness; iciness;
a lack of feeling or expression or movement stone;
objectivity and detachment dispassion; dispassionateness; dryness;
an indifference to pleasure or pain stoicism; stolidity; stolidness;
lack of passion, force or animation lukewarmness; tepidness;
the quality of being cheerful and dispelling gloom cheer; cheerfulness; sunniness; sunshine;
a cheerful willingness to be obliging good-humoredness; good-humouredness; good-naturedness; good-temperedness;
not conducive to cheer or good spirits uncheerfulness;
the quality of excessive mournfulness and uncheerfulness gloominess; lugubriousness; sadness;