Категория noun.cognition

(theology) in Roman Catholicism, the place of unbaptized but innocent or righteous souls (such as infants and virtuous individuals)limbo;
an imaginary place for lost or neglected thingslimbo;
(Norse mythology) the abode of humans in Norse mythologymidgard;
a pleasing country existing only in dreams or imaginationdreamland; dreamworld; never-never land;
(theology) in Roman Catholic theology the place where those who have died in a state of grace undergo limited torment to expiate their sinspurgatory;
an imaginary kingdom in central Europe; often used as a scene for intrigue and romanceruritania;
any imaginary place where spiritual beings (demons or fairies or angels or the like) abidespirit world;
an imaginary place considered to be perfect or idealsion; utopia; zion;
an imaginary realm of marvels or wonderswonderland;
imagination or fantasy; held by Coleridge to be more casual and superficial than true imaginationfancy;
imagination unrestricted by realityfantasy; phantasy;
a fantastic but vain hope (from fantasies induced by the opium pipe)dream; pipe dream;
an imaginary life lived in a fantasy worldfantasy life; phantasy life;
something existing solely in the imagination (but often mistaken for reality)fairyland; fantasy world; phantasy world;
a prolonged fantasy world invented by children; can have a definite geography and language and historyparacosm;
the creation of something in the mindconception; design; excogitation; innovation; invention;
the power of creative imaginationcleverness; ingeniousness; ingenuity; inventiveness;
the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problemsimagination; resource; resourcefulness;
a collection of resourcesarmory; armoury; inventory;
the invention of a scheme or story to suit some purposeconcoction;